A soft, brown hat with a dent in the middle, his brim turned down, a plaited cord round his crown, one hat among many others, jumping only when the bumps in the road were transmitted to him by the wheels of the automobile vehicle which was transporting him (the hat). At each stop the comings and goings of the passengers caused him to make certain lateral movements which at times were fairly pronounced, and this ended by angering him (the hat). He expressed his ire by the intermediary of a human voice which was attached to him by a mass of flesh structurally disposed round a sort of bony sphere perforated by a few holes, which was situated below him (the hat). The he (the hat) suddenly went and sat down.

One or two hours later I saw him (the hat) again, moving at roughly 1 m. 66 cm. above the ground and up and down in front of the gare Saint-Lazare. A friend was advising him to an extra button put on his extra button...on his tell him that...him...(the hat).

Lauren RichardsComment