Scene 1

On the back platform of an S bus, one day, round about 12 noon.

THE CONDUCTOR: Fez pliz. (Some passengers hand him their fares.)

Scene 2

(The bus stops) THE CONDUCTOR): Let 'em off first. Any priorities? One priority! Full up. Dring dring dring.


Scene 1

(Same set)

FIRST PASSENGER: (young, long neck, a plait round his hat) It seems, sir, that you make a point of treading on my toes every time anyone goes by.

SECOND PASSENGER: (shrugs his shoulders)

Scene 2

(A third passenger gets off)

FIRST PASSENGER: (to the audience) Whacko! a free seat! I'll get it before anyone else does. (He precipitates himself on to it and occupies it)


Scene 1

(The Cour de Rome)

A YOUNG DANDY: (to the first passenger, now a pedestrian) The opening of your overcoat is too wide. You ought to make it a bit narrower by having the top button raised.

Scene 2

On the S bus, passing the Cour de Rome.

FOURTH PASSENGER: Huh, the chap who was in the bus with me earwlier on and who was having a row with another chap. Odd encounter. I'll make it into a comedy in three acts and in prose.

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