I don't really know where it happened...in a church, a dustbin, a charnel-house? A bus, perhaps? There were...but what were there, though? Eggs, carpets, radishes? Skeletons? Yes, but with their flesh still round them, and alive. I think that's how it was. People in a bus. But one (or two?) of them was making himself conspicuous, I don't really know in what way. For his megalomania? For his adiposty? For his melancholy? Rather...more precisely...for his youth, which was embellished by a long...nose? chin? thumb? no: neck, and by a strange, strange, strange hat. He started to quarrel, yes, that's right, with, no doubt, another passenger (man or woman? child or old age pensioner?) This ended, this finished by ending in a commonplace sort of way, probably by the flight of one of the two adversaries.

I rather think that it was the same character I met, but where? In front of a church? in front of a charnel-house? in front of a dustbin? With a friend who must have been talking to him about something, but about what? about what? about what?

Lauren RichardsComment